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From a small airport with 9 airlines serving about 20 destinations in the 1960s, Dubai International Airport has grown to one of the top 10 airports in the world.
Today it accommodates about 110 airlines to more than 160 destinations, carries over 20 million passengers per year and itís one of the two fastest growing airports in the world.

Flying to/from this airport is really a pleasure. Itís located approx. 5km from the centre of Dubai and has two main terminals and a small VIP terminal.
Terminal 1 (Sheikh Rashid Terminal) of Dubai International Airport is made of 5 levels and has 25 boarding gates. Terminal 1 also includes a bar and restaurants, a medical centre, banking services, ATMís, post office, wide-range of entertainment services and, of course, huge Duty Free Shop Centre. But, most important of all, Dubai Airport has a five star Dubai International Hotel situated in Terminal 1.
Terminal 2 is much smaller and is reserved for charter, cargo, regional and business scheduled flights.
Al Majalis (VIP terminal) is reserved for private jet owners and VIPís.
Dubai International Airport is currently building completely new Terminal 3, planed to be finished this year. With this new terminal, DIA will have the capacity to handle about 70 million passengers per year.

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