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One of the fastest growing fields in Dubai is construction. Decision to focus more on tourism, instead of the oil-reliant economy has made real estate more valuable, which has resulted in the property boom in Dubai. As a consequence, large scale construction has made Dubai known as one of the fastest growing cities in the world.

Some of the biggest and most famous projects include:

The Burj Dubai Complex, The Palm, The World, Dubai Marina and Dubailand. These projects have attracted world-wide attention, and with that the investors from all around the globe.

Also, as an artificial extension of the Dubai Creek, under construction is the "Business Bay”, new Central Business District. This project includes around 500 skyscrapers.

All of these projects are characterized by the ultra-modern architecture, which blend in with already present atmosphere of the city. Burj Dubai, skyscraper that is currently being constructed and is to become the world’s tallest building, indicates the magnamonious scale that Dubai is aiming for.

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