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Considering that U.A.E. is an Islamic country, it is a common misconception that its cities have pretty tame nightlife. However, this is not the case in Dubai. There are plenty of clubs and bars attracting a lively and diverse crowd. Most of them are located in hotels in order to be able to serve alcoholic drinks.

Dubai also has some interesting laws and regulations regarding clubs: all clubs must be closed at 3 am, if you want to drink alcohol you cannot be under 21 years old, you canít be under 25 if you wish to enter a nightclub. Also, clubs are not allowed by law to refuse entrance to anyone, including members only clubs. This does not mean that anybody will be able to walk into any members club free of charge, considering that numerous members clubs have very high entrance fees, which a person still has to pay, regardless of the law.

Most of the bars in town have live music and deejay. There are also a few jazz bars, and several piano lounges with first-rate live performers. Bars start filling up around 9 pm, while nightclubs mostly stay empty until 11 pm. Many places have Ladies Nights on Tuesdays.

One of the best things about Dubai is that crime is incredibly law, so it is safe to get a cab or walk back to your hotel even in the early hours of the morning.

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