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Unusually for this part of the world, Dubaiís population is consisted mostly from emigrants. Emiratis are minority in this town. Majority of Dubaiís population comes from South and South East Asia, and almost 25% are originally Iranian. Significant percent of it residents are Europeans, mostly British.

Although the government of UAE does not allow permanent residence to foreigners, they are permitted to purchase and own property without sponsor or a local partner and there are large number of free trade zones that allow full expatriate ownership. Therefore, almost all of businesses are run by foreigners, completely or with a silent local partner.

Arabic is the official language in UAE. However, considering the large number of foreigners, English, Hindi, and Urdu are also widely spoken. Often heard languages are also: Punjabi, Farsi and Malayalam.

The official religion is Islam, with majority of the locals being Sunnis. Foreign minorities are Sikhs, Hindus and Christians.


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