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Dubai is also known as a “Middle Eastern shopping capital”, with thousands of souks and shopping malls.
Free of tax, most of the foreign (even the top-brands) products are cheaper here than in other countries. And you can find everything from gold and jewelry, trough furnishing and sporting equipment, to car and electronics.

As most of Arabic towns, Dubai has a numerous number of souks. Browsing and shopping in Dubai’s souks is more than exciting. Here is the list of some souks you don’t want to miss if you ever come to Dubai:

Gold Souk

When you come here, you will definitely know why Dubai has a reputation of the “City of Gold”. Browsing through this souk will impress everyone.
Here you can find everything you ever wished for and everything you imagined- traditional, modern, delicate, chunky; rings, earrings, bracelets and brooches- you just name it and it’s already there. And by very law prices, determined only by weight and by way of manufacturing (hand-made jewels pieces are more expensive).

Perfume Souk

In this souk you can find about thousand of aromas. Even though Arabic perfumes and extracts are very spicy, strong and oil based, you can find here perfume of your dreams. And if you don’t like the ones that are already made, shopkeepers can make a unique mixture that suits you.


1. Don’t forget to bargain- don’t ever accept the first price they offer to you
2. Most of the shops are closed 12:00h-17:00h


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